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Young people are hungering for pro-life information. Many consider themselves to be pro-life but their understanding of the issue is pretty superficial.

Recent studies have shown that nearly 70% of students entering college consider themselves to be pro-life. Yet by the time they graduate, the number has fallen to almost 35%. We are losing them because they do not have a solid pro-life foundation. They should be the ambassadors for LIFE, not the victims of a secular education.  So how do we reverse these numbers?

One effective action is a Pro-Life Youth Forum.  

What is a Pro-Life Youth Forum?

Students in the 7th & 8th grades attend one Forum. High school students attend the other Forum. Both Forums run concurrently.  Parents, teachers, and home school students are also encouraged to attend this Forum.

Five pro-life speakers make brief presentations to the students. The speakers cover a variety of topics: fetal development, abortion, modesty, dating, abstinence, post-abortion healing, scripture teachings, etc.

Each student is given an education packet to take home. There are no graphic pictures whatsoever for the junior high students. Each program is tailored to the needs of the students.  

Your responsibilities:

Our Responsibilities:

There have been dozens of these Youth Forums across Kansas in such communities as Olpe, Axtell, Council Grove, Garden Plain, Winfield, Overland Park, etc.  Your church / community is not too small or too large for a Pro-Life Youth Forum.

Call 1-800-928-5433 or e-mail kfl@kfl.org and we can discuss the various possibilities for your Young People.

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