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Kansans for Life offers Education Packets on a variety of subjects, to include: Abortion, Post-abortion Healing, and End of Life



We offer:

All of these packets cover a variety of topics and include important website information for additional research.


We also offer:

If you would like a packet for a specific denomination, please specify in your order.

How to Order

Just e-mail kflcheryl@yahoo.com and be sure to include your mailing address.  For the student education packets, we can supply a packet for the entire class if you so desire.


Each packet costs about $2.50 and the postage is about $4.50 to mail.  We will include a return envelope if you would like to make a donation towards our educational efforts.


SKIP MAILING CHARGES: If you live in or near Wichita, you can pick the packets up and skip the mailing charge. This will soon be the same for the Topeka and Overland Park offices. -- Please order, or call first before picking up directly from offices.

Wichita: 316-687-5433

Kansas City: 913-642-5433

Topeka: 785-234-2998


These are just some of the topics covered in these education packets:


Scientific Facts of Fetal Development

When Does Human Life Begin?

Abortion and the Hard Cases: Rape, Incest, Life of Mother & Handicapped Child

Kansas Abortion Laws, what are they?

Complications of Abortion

When Does a fetus become a Person?

Abortion & Breast Cancer, Connection?

Types of Abortion

Fetal Experimentation

Post Abortion Syndrome

RU-486 and Chemical Abortions

Planned Parenthood


Let’s help our young people learn more about the pro-life movement and give them the information they need to stand for life in their school.

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