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Have you heard from our little friend, Echo?  Echo wants to tell you what is happening in the womb, which is Echo's room.


There is a lot taking place every day in Echo's world. In fact, during the first two months of Echo's life, the growth rate is phenomenal. If Echo continued to grow at this accelerated rate for all nine months of pregnancy, at birth Echo would weigh 14 - tons. That's right, 28,000 pounds - as big as two full grown, over fed, elephants.  But Echo's growth rate slows down and the mother is thankful.


Echo's heart started to beat at about 18 days after conception. When the mother first hears that tiny heart beat, it is a time of wonder and mystery. Her heart is touched.


Please read some of the messages below titled, "In the Beginning…"


If you would like to listen to all of Echo's messages, here they are…


Few Weeks Old


Womb Service

Also included are the transcripts (click here) of Echo's messages to you and me. Enjoy.


Echo wants you to know that the child in the womb IS human, has a personality, is miraculously developing, and is complete from the moment of conception. At conception, your DNA is complete. Your DNA is like your computer program. Everything about you, physically, is already determined by your DNA. How tall you will be, the color of your eyes, the color of your hair, whether you will wear glasses, whether you will get diabetes, all this and much more was determined when you were just one cell. All you have done is grown up. All you need to grow up is food, water, oxygen, and warmth. Nothing else is added. You are a complete human being from the moment of conception and you have lots of potential.


Check out these websites to see the development of Echo and any child in the womb:






Once upon a time, there was an animal that was headed towards extinction. Many people were worried that this animal would be hunted until it was completely gone. There were serious efforts underway to protect this animal and many were discussing placing huge fines on anyone who killed this animal. Then, totally unrelated, Disney came out with a film titled, "Bambi." In an instant almost no one could hunt deer anymore. Who would want to kill Bambi's mother? Deer became so human that no one wanted to kill them anymore.  Now, deer are plentiful.


We are hopeful that you will "see" and understand the humanity of the child in the womb and be someone who wants to protect and nurture this child. There are over 50 pregnancy centers across Kansas. They are shown and listed on this website. If you know of someone dealing with an untimely pregnancy, then help them. Assist them in going to a crisis center. Stand by them and help them make a life-giving decision. Echo, and other little Echos, will be eternally grateful.

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