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2017 - Disclose Act

2016 - full service, public ‘safety net’ clinics prioritized for Title X funding formerly claimed by Planned Parenthood

2015 - 1st-in-nation ban on Dismemberment Abortions (not yet in effect, judge claims existence of a state constitutional right to abortion)

2015 - clarifies hospital protocol specific to webcam abortion mandate under injunction

2014 - medical emergency definition & KDHE abortion info weblink tweaked

(2014– Planned Parenthood closes Hays “feeder clinic” after lawsuit loss; ill-famed KCK abortion clinic closes, abortionist joins Planned Parenthood)

2013 - Civil Rights for Unborn, bans wrongful birth/wrongful life lawsuits and expands filing throughout gestation

(2013– Wichita clinic site (closed in 2009) reopens with non-resident abortionists)

2013 - changes Appeals Court to governor’s choice with Senate confirmation

2013 - improves jury independence in fighting abortion corruption in citizen -petitioned grand juries

2013 - Pro-Life Protections Act including no tax -funding for abortion, no tax breaks for abortionists; ban on sex -selective abortions; public policy affirmed as “life begins at conception,” no sex -ed school programs or instructions from abortionists, updated informed consent locked into statute, improved coercion warnings inside clinics, and KDHE involvement in supporting families facing disability diagnoses (law is in effect but legal challenge filed)

2012 - tax funded abortion training banned at KUMed in budget provision, secured in law in Pro -Life Protections Act 2013

2012 - Healthcare Rights of Conscience Act, upgrades state protection from job loss and litigation for refusal to perform abortions

2011 - bans abortion coverage in any Kansas insurance health exchanges

2011 - budget provision steers Title X fed grants to full service public health clinics that Planned Parenthood is ineligible for (upheld after legal challenge)

2011 - bans elective abortion coverage in private insurance plans (upheld after legal challenge)

2011 - abortion clinic licensure law mandates KDHE to regulate facilities, including surprise inspections, and receive quick reports of complications and deaths, and all abortions (including those by drugs) be done by Kansas -licensed physician with hospital privileges within 30 miles of clinic. Also bans “web -cam” abortions accessing off -site abortionists (law not yet in effect due to court order and stalled by district judge despite recent request by Attorney General)

2011 - ends loopholes and ‘mental health’ abortions after viability

2011 - bans abortions to Pain -capable Unborn child at 22 wks. gestation (20 weeks post -conception), with limited exceptions

2011– create Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center using only ethical sources

2011 - requires 2 -parent consent, strengthens parental waiver protocol to psych evaluation of minor and makes judge a mandatory abuse reporter

2009 - “Woman’s Right to Know & See” expands informed-consent law to offer  option to view and receive copy of sonogram (if used), with state online info using 4-D ultrasound videos and detailed list of pregnancy assistance centers

(2010 - Lawrence Planned Parenthood “feeder” clinic closes without explanation)

2007 - Alexa’s Law, allows criminal prosecution for both victims when pregnant woman is injured /killed during a crime and her unborn child is injured /killed

2005 - requires clinics send fetal tissue samples to the KBI for abortions of minors to retain fetal DNA evidence needed for rape prosecution

(2006 - Wichita abortion clinic closes after Med Board regulations go into effect)

2005 - Healing Arts Bd. enacts minimum standards for office -based abortion

(2005 - Kansas City abortion clinic closes after notorious abortionist loses license)

2004– budget provision excludes abortion and human embryo destruction from state bioscience research and business

1998 - established dollar -for -dollar grants to nonprofit organizations that help women carry pregnancies to term (renamed Stan Clark fund in 2005)

1998 - assisted suicide ban

1998 - post -viability abortion ban

1997 - “Woman’s Right to Know” law requires a 24 -hour waiting period with KDHE -issued medical info about abortion & pre -natal development

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