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Q. Who can become a member?

A. Anyone who supports the right to life of all innocent human beings can become a member of KFL. You do not have to be an adult; we have many teen members and even some pre-teen members. And, you do not have to live in Kansas, although most KFL members are Kansas residents.


Q. Are there membership dues?

A. Membership dues are just $25 per household per year or $30 if you elect the membership benefits program.


Q. What do members receive?

A. When you pay membership dues, you will receive our printed newsletter in the mail, published four to six times each year. Most importantly, you will know your voice is being counted among those who support the right to life of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters.


Q. How do I sign up?

A. Membership dues are not tax-deductible, so be sure to make your membership donation to "Kansans for Life, Inc.," which is our membership organization. If you would like to give more than $25 or $30 in membership dues, you may give a larger amount to this fund, or give a separate donation to the Kansans for Life Educational Trust Fund, which is tax-deductible.

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Or stop by or mail a check to our Wichita office:

Kansans for Life

3301 W. 13th St. N.

Wichita KS 67203

Please indicate "membership dues" in the memo of your check.

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